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PanoramaBaltiysky Zavod, JSC is one of the leading enterprises in the Russian shipbuilding industry. In 2006, the shipyard is celebrating its 150th anniversary. During this century-and-a-half period, the shipyard has delivered over 500 naval ships, submarines, and commercial vessels. Since the day of its foundation, the shipyard has been among the first to undertake new shipbuilding projects subsequently taken up by other yards. The shipyard built the first metal ship in Russia – armored gunboat the Opyt (1862), the first Russian submarine designed by Ivan Alexandrovsky (1866), the first armorclad Admiral Lazarev (1871), and the first naval submarine Delfin (1904). In 1920s Baltiysky Zavod was among the pioneers in the Soviet Union to begin building diesel-electric icebreakers, and in 1980s – heavy nuclear-powered missile cruisers of Project 1144 (the Orlan).

Today, as well as a century and a half ago, Baltiysky Zavod remains in the vanguard of the Russian shipbuilding industry integrating most modern, state-of-the-art technologies. The shipyard's production facilities and equipment are capable of producing modern ships that meet all necessary international requirements.


Currently the Baltiysky Zavod shipyard specializes in construction of icebreakers and ice-classed vessels (with nuclear-powered propulsion, as well as conventionally powered), large commercial vessels for carrying various types of cargo, and naval ships. The company also manufactures a wide range of marine propulsion equipment and machinery for equipping ships built at the shipyard, as well as for supplying other yards. Baltiysky Zavod also manufactures heat exchanges for nuclear power plants and is a major producer of non-ferrous and core-mould castings. One of the most promising fields of the shipyard's activity is the construction of floating nuclear power plants.

Over the recent years Baltiysky Zavod has delivered ships to customers from Russia, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, and other countries.

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